dbaPlatform acquires maps rank tracker Local Falcon

dbaPlatform is excited to announce its acquisition of Local Falcon, a powerful local rank tracker designed specifically for Google Maps.


Local Falcon Now Available with dbaPlatform
dbaPlatform is excited to announce its acquisition of Local Falcon, the powerful local rank tracker developer. It was designed specifically for Google Maps and used to help visualize local map rankings as a more accurate reflection of real search use.

Local rank tracking with Local Falcon

What is Local Falcon?

Local Falcon is the first-ever map rank tracker of its kind. Ten-year SEO veteran Yan Gilbert developed Local Falcon when he noticed a recurring problem for his local SEO clients. Traditional rank tracking only measured data from a single point on the map and could not accurately reflect different search ranks within a fenced area. To solve this problem, Yan developed the first keyword rank tracker specifically designed for Google Maps integration. The tool tracks keyword rankings for a location at its address, a few blocks away, or even across town. This allows agencies to show clients which strategies are working and which areas needing improvement.

What’s to Come

In the coming months, dbaPlatform will fully integrate Local Falcon into the dba portal and tie it directly with Local Authority reports. This integration creates more dynamic reporting that agencies can use to demonstrate success to their clients. With the addition of Local Falcon, dbaPlatform proves again that it’s mission control for local search. Run a scan now!


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