How to administer multiple locations in Google My Business

Managing just one Google Business Profile can be time-consuming. How do you manage hundreds?


Meet the *brand new* invention that optimizes all your Google My Business profiles in a jiffy (for pennies apiece)


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Google My Business is everything.
Local search is the most influential tool in your marketing tool kit. After all, 1 in 3 online searches has local intent, and research by Bright Local consistently ranks local search as the #1 highest ROI (return on investment) strategy available to businesses today. Google’s own offering in local search, a.k.a. Google My Business, is undoubtedly the most powerful of all the available platforms, with 70–90% of the search engine market share. Google My Business gives local businesses the center stage of the search results page, allowing small businesses to trump the organic search results. Plus — it’s easy and totally free! (If your time isn’t money.)

Managing multiple local locations is manual.
If you are a national brand with a local presence, you manage marketing for franchise locations, or you are a marketing agency with many business profiles to optimize, then you know how tedious and laborious the process is. Simple? Yes. Easy? No.

Every single location needs to be checked for completeness.
Every single location needs geo-tagged photos (photos taken in the location).
Every single location needs metadata added to boost results.
Every single location needs its reviews responded to when and if they happen.
Every single location needs to be assessed for relevant keywords.
Every single location needs its suggested updates managed.
Every location needs a post added weekly to garner 30% more real estate.

And it’s simple… but boring… repetitive… time-consuming work.

What if it was automated for you?
Now through dba Media, you can manage many locations with one touch of a button. Geo-tag all photos for extra “G”-juice. Push content (posts and photos) with leveraged automation. Use the dashboard to be alerted to new review entries. Save time and errors. Never miss an opportunity to optimize. Demo anyone?

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