How To Check Competitor Reports

Posted on October 3rd, 2019 at 4:15 PM

Performing a keyword scan for one business will also record the ranking placements of all the surrounding businesses. Pulling up the competitor rankings provides a wealth of information to use (and costs no extra scan data).

It’s almost impossible to win when you don’t know who your competition is (not to mention that it’s hard to compete when you don’t know the score). And you certainly can’t explain your gains to the businesses for whom you are working to improve local SEO if you can’t illustrate the standings.

Now easy-to-use competitor reports determine the best-ranking listings in the city so that you can backward engineer their success.

It’s also a great sales tool, quickly display to a prospect where their rankings stand against competitors (and prove where they stand in the rankings.)

To check competitor placement simply:

  1. Navigate to ‘Results’ on the main menu
  2. Choose ‘Competitor Report” for one of the previously run scans
  3. Click on any of the business listings on the left sidebar to view its recorded scan data

If you are in the number 2 rank slot, now you can see who is squatting in your number one spot. Notice how many reviews they have and get insights into other criteria that are potentially holding you back. Strategize your rise to the top. Create an account with Local Falcon and get a free scan today.

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Yan GilbertYan Gilbert

Yan is the creator of Local Falcon, the original Google Maps grid tracking system.
Currently the VP of Product & Growth here at dbaPlatform and Senior SEO at Toronto based, SterlingSky.
When not in front of a computer, he is either working on a house project or coaching soccer .

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