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How To Set-Up Recurring Scans

Posted on October 17th, 2019 at 11:00 AM

Did you know that you can automate your customized Local Falcon scans to run daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly? Monitoring your ranking over time is easy, plus you can track your climb to #1.

All of your scheduled scans can be accessed from the "Auto-Scan Reports" page located in the Account tab drop-down menu. From this screen, you can change the frequency or pause any scheduled scans and access the report page for every scan.

Setting up a new auto-scan:

Scheduling an auto-scan is simple:

After a scan has been run, you can use the button directly on the left sidebar of the scan page.


  1. Navigate to the Auto-Scan Reports page where you can choose a previously saved scan to use.
  1. Then select the first auto-scan date.
  2. Finally, select the run frequency: daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly.

After setting up an auto-scan, you can see all the information displayed in the auto-scan report page.

Each auto-scan will be listed and all the scan settings will be displayed, including the target business, keyword, grid size, and distance. Also shown are the next scheduled run time of the scan and how many scan reports have already been collected for that auto-scan.

Configuration options will allow you to change the scan frequency and pause (or re-enable) the auto-scan.

With the power automate scans you can easily track rank progress and demonstrate value to your clients. Create an account with Local Falcon and get a free 3x3 scan you can use see how your location ranks today.

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Yan GilbertYan Gilbert

Yan is the creator of Local Falcon, the original Google Maps grid tracking system.
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