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How to Use Google Posts in Google My Business

Posted on October 19th, 2018 at 3:29 PM

Google has been stepping it up in the local search game by providing many features to help enhance business listings and local search results. One of the most recent enhancements is the GMB Post feature. The GMB Post increases your directory real estate. It’s the online equivalent of installing a billboard atop your building. Businesses can now connect with customers quickly by offering a coupon, sharing information about an upcoming sale, or letting them know about new products.

How it Works

It’s kinda like a social post but more to the point and easier to write. When building a GMB post, a business can include:

  • an image,
  • a copy blurb up to 300 characters,
  • a call to action (CTA),
  • and a URL that will link users to a specific landing page or to the website.

Research shows that simple is best. Entice customers with a straightforward message.  

Once the post is created and published, the user will see the post displayed on the GMB listing in search results. They will see the text to the left of the image. When a user clicks on either the text or the image the post will open up nicely displaying the whole post in a social media type format. Each post will display on the GMB listing for up to 7 days. Once the post expires, it will no longer be visible in the knowledge panel. However, once a new post is published and the user clicks to expand the post, the user can scroll through and view all past posts.

Types of Posts

A business doesn't need to have a special promotion or coupon to use GMB posts. Posts can be general information about the business’s products or services and should always be updated every 7 days. Google provides seven types of call to action buttons to choose from when creating a post, which makes GMB posts appropriate for pretty much any type of business.

These CTAs include:

  • Learn More
  • Book
  • Buy
  • Sign Up
  • Order Online
  • Get Offer
  • Call Now


Learn More

These posts are more generic and can be used to promote information about your products, business, or services.

East Side Pies (Pizza Restaurant)

 Business Name: Dragonfly Mechanical (HVAC Repair)






These Posts are used to drive traffic to book an appointment, event space, service, etc.

Business Name: Charles Martin DDS (Dentist)

Brent McCarthy Real Estate (Realtor)




These Posts are used to drive traffic to your product page to purchase your product or service.

Business Name: Healthy Pet (Pet Store)    


Sign Up

These posts are used for subscription services, customer rewards programs, newsletters, etc.

Business Name: Right Around the Corner( Brewery)


Order Online

These posts should link directly to your online storefront to allow customers quick access to your products and services.

Business Name: Chef Of India (Indian Restaurant)


Get Offer

This post should be used for special promotions, coupons, discount pricing, etc.

Business Name: Bedlam Paintball Cheltenham (Outdoor Recreation)


Call Now

These posts allow you to include a number for direct contact with customers.

Business Name: Massey. Stotser & Nichols (Law Firm)


Amp Up Your Post Power

One feature that is not included by Google is the ability to schedule posts; however, dbaPlatform, a SaaS software designed for GMB management, allows the manager to schedule content for a later time.

Posting to GMB weekly doesn’t necessarily need to be scheduled and automated for a single business location that tends to about 15 - 20 minutes crafting a post each week. But advertising agencies and franchise businesses who are managing hundreds of locations require leverage. Managing multiple locations on GMB can be very time-consuming, monotonous, and sometimes just plain unrealistic. dbaPlatform can help agencies and franchises make regular GMB posting a reality that will make money rather than cost money.

dbaPlatform is the only GMB management tool that will allow multi location posting on GMB. Business locations can be grouped by regions using the dba Tags feature. This allows the manager to create a single post and publish to multiple locations within a single region with one click. This is only one of many features offered by dba to help manage multiple locations on Google (Check out other features).


GMB posts are an important tool that should be included in every business’s marketing strategy. dbaPlatform is the only SaaS tool out there that will allow posting to multiple locations with one click. It can’t be done in Google My Business itself or with other GMB scheduling tools. It is the responsibility of the marketing professional in the advertising agency or the large multi location business to leverage marketing initiatives with GMB posts to gain leads and increase ROI. With dbaPlatform, scheduling posts to multiple locations is possible and makes managing multiple locations effortless. Get started today!

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