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Google listings are possibly the single most valuable lead-generating channel for businesses with a local presence, but it can be hard to prove your efforts when current Google My Business call reports only include “mobile click to call” data. With dbaPlatform, those days are over.   

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Local Calls, Globally

Local Numbers, Globally.

Local phone numbers drive conversions. dbaPlatform numbers work in all English-speaking countries. 

Client Friendly

Client Ready.

Designed to maximize agency to client relationships, dbaPlatform helps your agency & its clients grow.  


Powerful Reporting.

White-labeled reporting is standard on all reports. Say hello to actionable insights and a proven ROI. 

Integration to Google My Business

Integrated to Google Listings.

No other call-tracking solution is tied directly to your Google My Business listings like dbaPlatform.  



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Built for Agencies

The dbaPlatform call tracking feature is best in class and turn-key for the business listings of your clients. 

+ All call data is available to your agency in a super simple report. 

+ Everything is export-ready so you can leverage the call data in custom audiences, remarketing, and more. 

+ Pricing is super competitive.  

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NAP Consistency

Maintaining citation consistency in local search is crucial. Using call tracking numbers in Google My Business is proven to keep your NAP citation data safe. All primary phone numbers will be preserved and slotted below the new, trackable phone number so your schema markup is protected in the eyes of Google. 

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Call Tracking FAQ

What is the price for dbaPlatform Call Tracking?

dbaPlatform pricing for Call Tracking on local US phone numbers is $2 per location, per month if you sign up for one year of service, and $4 per location, per month if you’d like to remain on a month-to-month plan. This includes ownership of the phone number and 100 minutes per number, per month! After 100 minutes, the US-rate is one penny per minute. 

We know, “per minute” sounds like a wireless carrier from the late 90’s, but we’ve done the homework and it’s really the best possible option. If you’d prefer flat-rate pricing on minutes you’re welcome to contact us and we’ll set up a custom plan.

It’s important to remember the numbers are used for “inbound calls” only, so the minutes are not spent as quickly as you might think; in-fact the average location using dbaPlatform call tracking only uses about 250 minutes per month.

You can learn more about dbaPlatform pricing here.

Can I keep the phone number I purchase from dbaPlatform if I cancel services? (Port Away from dbaPlatform)

Yes, of course! This will involve an account change or a port request (depending on where you’d like to send the number) and it will take a few days, but you can still receive calls during the time of porting. dbaPlatform uses a few carriers for voice services, mainly the Level3 Communications Network, Twilio, and Bandwidth. All call-tracking and messaging-related billing will continue until the port request is 100% complete, and there is a one-time charge of $29 USD per number to fulfill the request. If you have more than 100 numbers, please reach out ahead of-time and let us know because there’s a good chance we can lower the per-number disconnect fee. 

Can I set up my phone system for outbound calling with my Call Tracking number?

Yes, sort-of. We do not offer support for this and do not have plans to offer support in the future, but the numbers you purchase from dbaPlatform are enabled for both inbound and outbound calling. It’s important to remember the per minute pricing also applies for outbound calling as well.

What’s the average number of call-tracking minutes used for locations using dbaPlatform?

On average, locations using dbaPlatform Call Tracking use about 250 minutes each month. This equates to just $1.50 (because the first 100 minutes are free) for the minutes, plus the base cost for the product. 

Can I port my number into dbaPlatform to enable the Call Tracking tool?

Maybe. At this time, we do not offer this feature automatically, but please contact us to discuss your use-case.

Does dbaPlatform offer Call Tracking outside of the US?

Yes! We currently support all English-speaking Countries. Here’s a list of the countries we offer voice services for, along with a pricing table.

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We were lucky enough to partner with DBA Media on several marketing initiatives for ourselves and our clients. They did not disappoint. DBA became an important part of our success as an agency and ultimately to our clients. If you have the chance to work with DBA Media for any marketing needs you have I would highly recommend you do so.

Joey Schwartz

My partnership with dba Platform has been a very lucrative and a time efficient software for my agency to use for our clients Google My Business Listings.The photo, post, reviews and reporting tools for Google My Business are insane, they save time optimize the listing and report the success back to my client.

Innovative Local

Great service and great tools. Amazingly responsive. Give them your money. Give it to them now. :-)

Robert Mohns

Very helpful and easy to deal with!

Mark Schelfhout, D.C.


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