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A listing’s information needs to be synced to all directories AND be perfectly matching, clean, and accurate. Google sees this as a sign of trust and validity.

Seamlessly, effortlessly, and consistently optimize and control your client's local business citations across a large network of sources. Guarantee NAP consistency across the web by activating a local listing auto-sync with one click.

Bonus: Business information is synced with the 5 data aggregators:, Foursquare, Factual, Localeze*, and Infogroup*.

*Localeze and Infogroup aggregators are only available to customers on the annual subscription plan.


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Features and Benefits

Build Local Citations on Key Sites
Build Local Citations on Key Sites

With one click, sync Google My Business profile information with over 70 sources including Apple, Bing, FourSquare, and more.

Submit to The
Submit to The "Big 5" Aggregators

Data Aggregators are networks that share business information with advertisers, apps, GPS, and more. Sync listing data with, Localeze*, Infogroup*, List Yourself, and DnB.

Voice Search Readiness
Voice Search Readiness

Voice-first devices are quickly taking over. Optimize your listings for voice search by syncing business data with Google Home, Siri, Cortana, Amazon Alexa and more.

Put Yourself on The Map
Put Yourself on The Map

GPS Accelerators ensure that customers can find a business. Submit location details to Waze, Garmin, TomTom, Ford, Toyota, and more.

*Localeze and Infogroup are only available with an annual subscription.
Meet Roger

Roger - Brand Manager

As brand manager of a global real estate company, Roger knew the importance of having consistent NAP data across the web. The Google search algorithm will give more authority and relevance to listings that have identical business information across a wide variety of search directories. Roger also knew that with the rise of smart home devices, he needed to make sure his 10,000 locations were optimized for voice search. Given that Roger has locations in 10 different countries, he needed a local listings solution that would sync to directories outside of the US.

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After activating Local Listings from dbaPlatform, Roger could easily sync the business information of all his locations to directories such as Apple, Bing, Foursquare, Factual and more. Even better, all that information was synced to voice-first devices such as Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and others. After specifying which additional countries he needed to sync information to, dbaPlatform was able to add country-specific directories from Spain, Brazil, Australia and others.

Now that his locations’ business information was consistent across several directories and devices, Roger saw an increase in local rank for his locations. This increase in rank has driven web traffic, phone calls, and in-person visits to his locations.

Meet Linda

Linda - Marketing Agency

One part of the local SEO package that Star Media offers to their clients is a citations sync with major search directories other than Google. Most of Linda’s clients are small business owners who have very little experience with SEO and have no idea how citations sync can benefit their location. Linda and Star Media needed to show their clients what they were paying for.

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With dbaPlatform, Star Media has access to a private dashboard containing all of their clients’ listings. From here they can download progress reports on the health of each listing which they can then share with their clients. Linda also activated the Data Aggregators package to push listing information out to over 80+ GPS Navigators such as Garmin, Waze, Toyota, Ford, and more.

Star Media’s clients love how simple their progress reports are to read.

“The Process Was Incredibly Simple”

After activating the service I received a report a few days later showing my client’s business information synced across over 70 directories. Any changes that needed to be made were updated quickly. Fantastic service.

Justin M.
Innovative Local

More Benefits

dbaPlatform's Citation Management not only syncs precious NAP data all across the web but also safeguards your information from bots and crowd source changes.

Lock Google My Business Profile Information:
Lock Google My Business Profile Information:
Fight back against crowd-sourced changes to your Google My Business profile with a daily auto-sync to your listing.
Progress Reports:
Progress Reports:
Receive a report that shows every directory, aggregator, voice search platform, and GPS service your business is listed on.
Google My Business Verification Service:
Google My Business Verification Service:
Just getting started with Google My Business? We can help get your listings verified.
Own Your Listings:
Own Your Listings:
Unlike other citation builders, we don't remove listings if you cancel your service.
White Labeled Reports:
White Labeled Reports:
Reporting service designed for marketing agencies and resellers.

Local Search Directories

Country Availability
Alfa Romeo
DnB (D&B)
Enroll Business
General Motors
Here Live Maps
Judy's Book
Reseller Club
Sony Navigation
US City
Where To?
Yahoo Local
Yellow Bot

Activate a directory citations sync for your clients business information and watch them rise into the Google 3-pack. Start an annual plan for $20/month per location.

Want to try it out first? Start a monthly plan for only $25/month per location.


Citation Management
Citation Management
Build local citations, boost rankings!
Update your locations with consistent, optimized photo content and watch profile views soar.
For each location, you get:
  • 70+ local sources
  • The big 5 data aggregators
  • GPS accelerators
  • Voice search optimizers
  • White labeled reports
Other competitors charge $499 per month and delete your listings when your subscription ends.
* annual contract

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Have questions? We've got answers.

What site does dbaPlatform match business categories from?

We match business categories from Google My Business.

How does dbaPlatform's Local Listings Tool help improve my search ranking?

While not a guarantee of improved search engine ranking, Local Listings ensures that your business directory information is consistent among listing sites.

What is the price for the dbaPlatform Local Listings Citation Tool?

The dbaPlatform Local Listings Tool pricing is just $25 per location, per month if you sign up for one year of service, and $20 per location, per month if you’d like to remain on a month-to-month plan. You can learn more about dbaPlatform pricing here.

What are the best practices for a business that is moving?

Make sure you update the address on all website pages, including any schema markup. Add a ‘we moved’ section to your home and contact page to let customers know. Update your GMB listing, create a post with a ‘we moved’ message. Update all citations & directories. You can do that easily with a service like (You will have to do the niche directories manually however.)

Local SEO Professional Checklist
Updated for 2020

Download the 2-page Optimizer Checklist jam-packed with more than 30 optimization tasks to ensure you're doing everything possible to beat the competition and improve your Google My Business listing. Our gift to you, this is the same list our Pro Services team uses to get fast results.


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