Foxxr Case Study

Foxxr Case Study

Foxxr uses dbaPlatform call tracking to get better results and better reporting for one of their clients in the plumbing industry.

Foxxr is an advertising agency located in Capitola, CA. For the last decade, Foxxr has been offering services like Social Media Management, Facebook Ads, SEO, Google AdWords, and Google My Business optimization to their clients.

Before working with dbaPlatform, Foxxr was manually managing Google My Business accounts for their client. They were looking to Google My Business insights for reporting data to present to their clients. However, they were looking for a way to provide more accurate reporting for phone calls and other Google My Business features.

Phone Calls
63  →  128  =  103% ↑

dbaPlatform is the only Software as a Service (SaaS) available for managing virtually all aspects of Google My Business listings in one place and with one click. It’s the only option available — not only does it automate but it also schedules for agencies who want to:

  • Update business information;
  • Manage reviews;
  • Create, optimize, schedule and publish posts;
  • Create, optimize, schedule and publish photos; and,
  • Set up call tracking

Foxxr found dbaPlatform and decided it was the best option to set up call tracking for their client. Using the platform allowed them to gain more insight and collect more data about the calls their client is receiving. Google My Business only tracks the phone number clicks on mobile devices, and not phone number clicks on desktop. With this additional data, Foxxr was able to deliver better reports and better results to their client.

Before they activated call tracking, Google My Business only reported 63 phone calls in a 30-day window as Google My Business only tracks mobile click to call.  After they enabled call tracking, Foxxr logged over a 103% increase with 128 phone calls for the same month.

Foxxr, and other advertising agencies, who work with dbaPlatform rely on dba’s accurate reporting to retain their client’s business. The agencies are promising results from their efforts and if the reporting only shows half of the results, it makes the agencies’ job difficult to show their worth and an ROI. With a 103% increase in tracked phone calls for their client, Foxxr is very pleased and plans to continue adding client locations into dbaPlatform for better results and more accurate reporting.

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