Google Business Profile Call Tracking Tips

How to use call tracking in local search without affecting NAP and SEO.

In a perfect world, digital marketing professionals wouldn’t need to prove their worth to clients. Clients would trust them completely and give them an infinite budget to work with. In reality, a significant part of a digital marketer’s job is tracking every move and measuring ROI to demonstrate how their work is paying off.

Call tracking can uncover a range of insights to enhance your digital marketing efforts, especially in local search and Google Maps. Even though you may be familiar with how call tracking works and why you need to track calls, you may still have unanswered questions about the best ways to incorporate call tracking into your digital marketing efforts with respect to local SEO and NAP consistency online. If a local business listing name, address and phone number aren’t consistent, then search engine confidence is diminished. Historically speaking, introducing a call tracking number reduces phone number consistency. Arguably, the number one reason that marketers shy away from utilizing call tracking is fear for their on-page and off-page SEO.

There’s a simple method for getting the most from call tracking without hurting local SEO and NAP consistency:

1. Add official phone number to website using Javascript.
By adding your official business phone number to your website using Javascript, it will signify to search engines that it’s the number they should be crawling. By hard coding your business’s official phone number in your website, you will be able to use additional phone numbers in other areas of your website without negatively affecting NAP. The No Script code looks like this:

2. List official business phone number as secondary in Google My Business listing.
Search engines index your data to create a complete digital profile for your business in local search by searching the web to match your name, address, and number in places like Google Maps, social media profiles, and your website. When search engines have a hard time matching inaccurate information, your business runs the risk of search engines creating new clusters of information based on wrong local citation consistency. If duplicate listings are created, they can be especially dangerous as they may steal priority from the main listing.

One technique to use to ensure proper local citation consistency is to add the call tracking number as the primary number of your Google My Business listing and add the official business phone number as a secondary number on your Google My Business profile. Search engines will still recognize the official phone number which will help to avoid NAP concerns.

3. Avoid using tracking numbers in other directory listings.
Avoiding the use of adding call tracking numbers in local directories should be common knowledge to digital marketing professionals. However, there are a few scenarios where it’s necessary so it’s important to do it the right way. Misusing tracking phone numbers could potentially create NAP nightmares. Implementing call tracking numbers into directory listings is perfectly safe as long as digital marketers are certain that they are correctly inserting both the tracking number and official business phone number in all citations. For example, you can list your tracking phone number as the primary number and your official phone number as the secondary number in your Google My Business profile.

4. Use schema markup to send clear NAP signals.
One tip many digital marketers might not be aware of for local business SEO and structured data is the use of the Telephone itemprop in schema markup. This is microdata placed on your website which is used to signify your business phone number to search engines. These schemas are used by search engines like Google and Yahoo, and provide another great way to send a signal in the structured data markup.

To use it correctly, just add itemprop=”telephone” to the html source code of your phone numbers. It’s usually added in a span tag like this: (612) 567–2736

5. Make sure you own your call tracking phone number.
Some call tracking services do not allow you to keep your trackable phone number once you discontinue working with the service. This will be frustrating when your call tracking phone number is sold to a new business at the end of your contract. The last thing you want are calls from current and prospective customers going to a business that is not yours. Never track calls using a phone number that will not be transferred to you once your contract expires. When you get a trackable phone number from dbaPlatform that hooks up to your Google My Business dashboard, it will always be transferred over to the business owner upon cancellation.

In Conclusion
To wrap it all up, online marketing is constantly evolving. The digital realm makes it much easier for marketing professionals to understand customer behavior, get instant conversions, and track real time results to prove ROI. However, it’s important to not forget about the importance of human interaction. The phone is still one of the strongest lead generating sources for most businesses today and one of the biggest struggles online marketers have is associating online conversions with offline engagement. Call tracking can be incredibly useful in your SEO strategy, but it’s important to ensure you understand how to implement it correctly. Start measuring ROI with dbaPlatform call tracking today.

Real Life Results
Digital marketing professionals who use the dbaPlatform call tracking feature have had great success. One example of a successful case is Foxxr. Foxxr activated call tracking for one of their clients, Duncan Plumbing, and they received 9 tracked phone calls in the very first day! In the first month, they’ve received over 200 tracked calls from their Google My Business profile.

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