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Text Message marketing has massive possibilities for boosting engagement and conversions; but it only works if it's done tastefully and ethically. Your clients will rave about the power of dbaPlatform's Picture and Text Message tools. Your agency will be astonished with the results.   

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Works with Call Tracking

Works with Call Tracking.

Use the numbers from your tracked calls to send Picture and Text Messages to your entire list. 

More Reviews

More Reviews.

Use Picture and SMS Campaigns to generate timely reviews from customers who call.  

Massive Conversions

Massive Conversions.

On average, over 97% of textmessages sent today are opened. Take that, email marketing.  

Schedule SMS Campaigns

Schedule Client Campaigns.

dbaPlatform's Picture & Text Message Dashboard has a powerful scheduling tool to plan as much as you need.  



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One-Touch to Send Campaigns

The dbaPlatform Picture & Text Message Campaigns feature is one of the most unique SMS Marketing solutions on the market and empowers your clients to send campaigns with zero effort. 

+  dbaPlatform allows you and your clients to instantly send text message campaigns to their entire list. No logins or dashboards required! Simply compose a text with the # symbol in the first character & press send. 

+ Add photos to stand out from the crowd and really boost engagement.   

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Gorgeous Picture Messages

There are plenty of text message marketing tools on the market, but no one approaches the concept of messaging quite like dbaPlatform. Don't send bland texts from an unknown and sketchy short code - those just annoy your customers. Instead, send high quality picture messages from the same number that appears in your Google My Business listing. That's a guaranteed way to surprise and delight everyone on your list. You'll have more calls and foot traffic with zero effort. 

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MMS/SMS Campaigns FAQ

How many people can I message in a single campaign?

As many as you’d like! Messages, however, are limited to sending one per second. Please contact us if you’d like to request an increase.

What is an MMS?

Picture messages! MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service.

Can I receive messages?

Not at this time. While your number is provisioned to accept inbound and outbound messages and we may offer this in the future, everything on the dbaPlatform is designed for outbound messaging only, at the moment. It's an ideal tool for getting your SMS and MMS campaign messages out to customers and fans of your brand. 

Do I pay for messages that are not received?

Nope! You only pay for messages that are sent successfully.

If I remove contacts from the MMS/SMS Campaigns feature, does the cost go down?

Yep! Your contacts will be auto-imported from calls after an automatic opt-in message is sent to ensure the contact wants to receive your messages (don't worry, you can customize this opt-in message to your liking).

As soon as you are ready to send a campaign, the total active contacts will be confirmed and the message will be sent. Contacts that are permanently stored in the SMSMMS Campaigns area of dbaPlatform can be manually removed, and the cost will go down. 

To see a reduction in your bill, the contacts count must be reduced for one full billing cycle leading up to your charge date. If you remove contacts in the middle of a billing cycle, you won't see a reduction in charges until after the next full billing cycle.

What happens if I exceed the number of sends in any given month?

If you exceed the number of SMS and/or MMS campaign sends allotted in a billing cycle, we'll automatically upgrade your pricing plan to one that meets the sending needs of your agency. You can see the US SMS/MMS Pricing Grid here.

Will billing on the SMS MMS Campaigns continue even if I'm not using the account?

Yes. Unless you cancel your active SMS/MMS Campaigns Licenses, we will continue to generate a bill every month even if you aren't using your alloted SMS/MMS allowances. You can see the US SMS/MMS Pricing Grid here.

What type of media can I send with MMS?

While most modern media types will work, we highly recommend sticking to .png, .jpg, .gif, .jepg and of course any optimized versions of imagery pulled directly from the Photo Tool Library within dbaPlatform. File size should be as small as possible to ensure delivery, and not exceed 3 mb. Video, audio and PDF will also be 'accepted', but we can not guarantee delivery or reformatting of the message. 

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We were lucky enough to partner with DBA Media on several marketing initiatives for ourselves and our clients. They did not disappoint. DBA became an important part of our success as an agency and ultimately to our clients. If you have the chance to work with DBA Media for any marketing needs you have I would highly recommend you do so.

Joey Schwartz

My partnership with dba Platform has been a very lucrative and a time efficient software for my agency to use for our clients Google My Business Listings.The photo, post, reviews and reporting tools for Google My Business are insane, they save time optimize the listing and report the success back to my client.

Innovative Local

Great service and great tools. Amazingly responsive. Give them your money. Give it to them now. :-)

Robert Mohns

Very helpful and easy to deal with!

Mark Schelfhout, D.C.


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