Port Away from DBA | Request Process

Port-away requests will take a few days, but you can still receive calls during the time of transition. dbaPlatform uses a few carriers for voice services, mainly the Level3 Communications Network, Twilio, and Bandwidth. All call-tracking and messaging-related billing will continue until the port request is 100% complete, and there is a one-time charge of $29 USD per number to fulfill the request. If you have more than 100 numbers, please reach out ahead of-time and let us know because there’s a good chance we can lower the per-number disconnect fee.

To port your numbers away from dbaPlatform, you will need to contact the carrier to which you’d like to port your numbers (e.g., AT&T, Verizon, etc.). Most carriers require you to fill out a Letter of Authorization, or LOA. Please note that rules for portability vary by country, and not all countries provide for portability. Nevertheless, in countries where porting is available, the process generally works as described here.
Typically, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name: The end user’s full name is required for porting.
  • Location Address: The physical address where your tracking number is currently active.
  • Service address: For phone numbers that you purchased from dbaPlatform, the service address will generally be dbaPlatform’s service address. Please contact porting@dbaplatform.com to request the service address of your number. Be sure to include your location address and the phone numbers that you wish to port.
  • If your new carrier requires a “business telephone number” (BTN) this can be any number from the list of numbers you wish to port.
  • In some instances, a PIN number may be associated with your account. If your port request is rejected for a PIN requirement, you may contact us for the PIN required.
  • If the carrier requires a billing document or proof of ownership, you can use your most recent invoice from dbaPlatform where the relevant phone number appears.

If for any reason your port-away request is rejected, please contact us at porting@dbaplatform.com and let us know what number(s) you are trying to port and your location address. In addition, let us know the specific reason provided to you by your new carrier for why the port was rejected.
Once dbaPlatform receives the port away notification, we will email you to confirm your request. Note that, to protect our customers from unwanted port-aways, if the information that you provide does not match our records, then the port request will be rejected.