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Feature Overview

Done by You Ads

Done for You Ads

Account creation
Merchant Center account creation.
Account configuration
Configuration of Business Profile and Merchant Center accounts.
Feed monitoring
Monitoring of underlying accounts and feeds.
Debugging of feed errors and account suspensions.
Image overlay removal
Images optimized as Google wants to see them.
Feed health reporting
Feed health alerts and dashboards leveraging NearMe metrics.
Ad account provisioning
Provisioning and setup of Google and Microsoft ad accounts.
Conversion tracking
Configuration of landing page conversion tracking for campaigns.
Campaign creation
Creation of Google and Microsoft PMax and search campaigns.
Campaign expansions
Optimizing inventory and targeting to meet client KPIs.
Campaign budgeting
Flighting of campaigns and budgets per client guidelines.
Campaign optimization
Ongoing optimization of campaigns for improved ROAS.
Campaign reporting
Comprehensive reporting on Google and Microsoft campaign results.
Asset optimization
Optimization of ad assets to improve ROAS.
Access to beta programs
Opportunity for early access to Google and Microsoft beta programs.