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Brand Local powered by dbaPlatform allows brands to influence the hybrid customer experience by running Google local inventory ads on the retailer’s behalf  driving more traffic and sales through targeted product search.

Brand Local connecting Brands to Retailers in order to participate in Google Local Inventory Ads

Is Brand Local a fit for you?

Do you represent a brand or retailer?

Have you ever used a co-op advertising program?

Are you familiar with local inventory ads?

What is Brand Local?

Connecting shoppers to their favorite brands through local retailers.

Now brands can access and partner with retailers to optimize the best performing ad channel available online.

Local inventory listings drive more foot traffic to the stores and convert more sales. Get a done-for-you program on a trusted and transparent hub.

Brand Local is the first digital co-op advertising program allowing brands to fund and monitor a program to directly reach their retailers’ local consumers.

  • verified
  • audited
  • managed
  • integrated
  • independently reported

Utilize multiple ad platforms: Google, Microsoft/Bing, and more.

dbaPlatform unlocks Local Inventory Ads for brands.

Online shopper searching for in-stock items nearby. Brand pays retailer to power local inventory ads.

Local Inventory Co-op: How it Works


Consumers are shopping with local intent

A blended shopping strategy includes location and inventory search followed by a physical store visit.

Young man sitting in office and using laptop and smartphone for work. Male person calling on mobile phone at workplace. Guy checking social accounts and email, sending text messages and commenting.

SKU-specific image results appear at the top

Local inventory ads provide strong ROI because they appear when the consumer has the highest buying intent.


Shopper spends locally

As shoppers see current inventory available they spend locally for instant gratification rather than buying online.

Photo of smiling european man wearing denim shirt paying debit card in cafe while waiter holding payment terminal

Unfortunately, brands HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO participate in Local Inventory Ads.

Local Inventory Ads require access to the Google Business Profile of the local merchant!


Until Now

NEW! Brand Local by dbaPlatform allows brands and retailers to collaborate on Local Ads platforms

Large brands and manufacturers can promote products through their retailer's local inventory ads on Google

A Win for Brands

  • Access to hyper-targeted local consumers who are buying right now.
  • Entry to product-specific searches with high ROI.
  • Customizable reporting on ads (attribution).
  • Low cost ads with no overspending.
  • Visibility per location on in-stock product inventory.
  • Independent verification and auditing of digital co-op program.

A Win for Retailers

  • Subsidized co-op ads.
  • Maximum product placements per location.
  • Access to national brand support.
  • New customer generation.
  • Done-for-you ad management.
  • Proprietary information reporting protection.

A digital co-op ad program that works for everyone

Program verification and transparency

Brand Local gives the retailers the privacy they need, while providing the brands with transparency on local inventory ad spends and conversion data. dbaPlatform acts as the third-party to help ensure accuracy, transparency, and verification of all Local Inventory Ads.

Why Now?

All major online networks are scrambling to introduce local inventory integrations in order to connect the consumer digital experience to the physical world. 

Why dbaPlatform?

dbaPlatform is the go-to integration partner for search engines and social platforms needing to onboard participants and data for independent studies and program expansion.

The biggest brands and retailers trust dbaPlatform to administer their local programs for premier tracking, monitoring, independent “Near Me Metrics” reporting, technology features, and budget management.

Brands and retailers control different
aspects of the marketing funnel

Since 85% of purchases occur at the brick and mortar location where Brands have little control...

Which leaves Brands unable to influence the entire customer journey

Still. . . brand marketers would prefer to guide the narrative all the way to the consumer purchase and find creative ways to close the gap.


of national brand marketers agree that it is important to increase revenue through the local partner channel.

and 75%

of national marketing leaders report a less than adequate understanding of local partners.

The Gaps between brands and retailers

For Brands

For Retailers

0 %

of co-op funds go unused

Traditional co-op programs aren’t bridging the gap

Co-op programs often involve outdated print venues or bulky store displays that cost plenty and aren’t guaranteed to be used.

Without strategic digital offerings, co-op programs often fail, yet half of national marketing programs don’t include digital options and for those who do, digital makes up a small fraction of the co-op strategy.


Co-Op Ads
Digitized &

Streamline access and tracking to funding, assets, and services.

Allows brands to:

  • be involved all the way through purchase.
  • lend digital expertise and economies of scale to individual retail locations.
  • offer co-op funds in a trackable, transparent way.
  • match how consumers buy today which is a digital and in-person hybrid.

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