Whether you operate a  chain of stores, vehicle dealerships, urgent care clinics, or any other local business, you need to manage your local presence at scale.  

Local presence for chains

Automate and measure the optimization of listings for all of your locations

There are many tasks that go into getting the most out of your local presence. Professional marketers choose dbaPlatform to manage these tasks and report on their results.

Local listings

Manage listings for local businesses on third-party publishers like Google, Apple, Facebook, and more.


Popular Features

Profile management

Post scheduling

Review responses

Photo/video optimization


Vehicle inventory

Publish auto, powersports, RV, and boat inventory to Google and Microsoft for free and paid placements.


Popular Features

Google Vehicles for Sale

Microsoft Marketplace

Google Vehicle Ads

Microsoft Vehicle Ads


Product inventory

Drive traffic with free and paid local product placements on Google, Microsoft, and Simon Search.


Popular Features

Google product listings

Microsoft product listings

Google inventory ads

Microsoft inventory ads


NearMe Metrics

Access cross-platform local data from pre-built dashboards or data exports into current reporting tools. 


Popular Features

Cross-platform insights

Operational & results data

Data-based alerts 

Scheduled exports 


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