Drive more hotel bookings with online local presence. Get your hotel found and booked on Google and other local consumer platforms.


Help travelers discover and book your hotel or rental property

Hotels and resorts choose dbaPlatform to get found and booked on the most crucial consumer platforms. Automate and scale the management of local online presence for five hotels or five hundred.

Listing management

Submit business information to key local directories and significantly enhance your local search visibility.

Photo manager

Scale, schedule, edit, geotag, and optimize your photos for local SEO in one place

Post manager

Automate Google posts for business. Schedule days, weeks, or months ahead with dbaPlatform.

Review manager

Engage loyal clients and protect brand reputation with Google review management.

Create and administer frequently asked questions for all Google Business Profiles from a single dashboard.

Location reporting

Transform reporting through data visualization, advanced filtering, and customizable alerts and reports.

Expanded listings

Sync business profiles across 60+ directories, voice search devices, GPS apps, and top aggregators.

Video manager

The industry's first video scheduling tool for Google Business Profiles.

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