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Take advantage of any opportunity you have to increase your chances of being found in search results. One easy way to get found is by optimizing photos with keywords and geo-tagged location data before uploading them to your Google My Business (GMB) listings. The dbaPlatform features the first ever geo-tagging photo optimization and publishing tool that allows you to add metadata and EXIF data to photos as well as schedule photos to multiple GMB locations.

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Add Photo EXIF Data

There are more data fields in the metadata of one photo on your Google My Business profile than there are in your entire Google My Business listing. In dbaPlatform, you can upload the photo and manually add the EXIF data fields. Increase your visibility in search results using photo EXIF data.


Schedule Photo Updates to Multiple Google Business Listings

Google says that businesses with recent photo updates in their Google My Business profile typically receive more clicks to their websites. Wouldn't it be convenient to schedule photo updates on a regular basis?

Currently, Google does not allow you to schedule photo updates to Google business listings. The dbaPlatform allows you schedule a photo to more than one location at a time which makes it easier for you to keep your business listings fresh and up-to-date.


Download Photos with EXIF Data

Once your photos are optimized and scheduled, they are all conveniently organized in one place where you can download the photos with EXIF data enabling you to use them in other places on the web like social media posts and your website. Cool, right?!

Photo Tool FAQs

What is EXIF Data?

Descriptive data (meta data) in an image file that includes the date the photo was taken, description of the photo, location of the photo, descriptive comment of the photo, and more.

How can I change the order of appearance for Google My Business Photos?

Changing the order of appearance for Google My Business Photos is not an exact science, but here's a one-minute video giving you some tips on best practice: 


Why are photos so important on GMB?

Google’s main goal is for the digital world to replicate the real world. Having high quality photos on a Google My Business profile that show the interior and exterior of your business or that showcase the personality of your employees are great ways to achieve this. Photos are also very effective in building trust with potential customers. Google recognizes this and rewards businesses who add great photos compared to businesses who do not.

Can dba help with my photo authenticity?

Absolutely, the beauty of our photo tool is that with the click of a button you can input the story of the image. This allows Google to read the footprint of your image.

What is the price for the dbaPlatform Photo Tool?

The dbaPlatform Photo Tool pricing is just $1 per location, per month if you sign up for one year of service, and $2 per location, per month if you’d like to remain on a month-to-month plan. You can learn more about dbaPlatform pricing here.

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My partnership with dba Platform has been a very lucrative and a time efficient software for my agency to use for our clients Google My Business Listings.The photo, post, reviews and reporting tools for GMB are insane, they save time optimize the listing and report the success back to my client.

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Great service and great tools. Amazingly responsive. Give them your money. Give it to them now. :-)

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