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If you have multiple listings and want to schedule photos consistently, you'll love the dbaPlatform photo tool. Schedule your photo uploads; spend a few minutes uploading by batch and you're good to go for months. The more locations you manage, the more time savings you'll experience.

Bonus: Geotags are appended AUTOMATICALLY to every photo. The EXIF editor allows you to edit metadata with keywords to better optimize photos for SEO.


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Features and Benefits

Schedule Photos
Schedule Photos

Never miss a weekly photo upload again with the photo scheduler from dbaPlatform. Schedule photos to publish any day of the week in over 38 different time zones.

Edit Photo EXIF Data
Edit Photo EXIF Data

The Photo Optimizer adds keyword and relevant data to over 20 EXIF fields to increase your visibility in search results.

Automatic Geo-Tagging
Automatic Geo-Tagging

The photo tool automatically pulls in location data from your Google My Business profile and attaches it to your photo metadata.

Multi-location Publishing
Multi-location Publishing

No more manually signing into each Google My Business profile to manage photos! Whether you have 1 location or 10,000, upload and publish photos with a single click.

Meet Roger

Roger - Brand Manager

As a brand manager of a global real estate company, Roger needed to cut the hundreds of hours of administrative work his team spent uploading photos to 10,000 Google My Business profiles. With locations in 10 different countries, Roger’s team had to ensure each profile in each region received the correct photos from the corresponding locations. His team spent endless hours manually signing into each profile and uploading photos.

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With dbaPlatform, Roger and his team can easily schedule photo uploads to thousands of locations with a single click-- and those photos are more powerfully optimized than his team could have managed. Thanks to the filtering options available with the Multi-Location Photo tool, Roger’s team was able to organize their 10,000 profiles into separate tags based on region allowing them to upload geo-targeted content to their relevant country with a simple one-click solution.

By reducing the amount of time his team spent uploading photos to Google My Business, Roger was able to increase revenue and reduce overhead, all while boosting the local search rank of his locations with consistent photo uploads.

Meet Linda

Linda - Marketing Agency

Linda and her staff at Star Media were brand new to Google My Business and the Local SEO space. Through online research, she discovered that Google rewards profiles that provide consistent and fresh photo content. After all, consumers prefer visual information.

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However, there were a lot of optimization processes her team struggled to understand. What size should photos be? What is EXIF data? How do we geo-tag a photo? Do we have the time to do any of this?

dbaPlatform’s Photo Publisher offered a tool for each of Star Media’s questions. The Image Cropper allows her team to quickly edit photos directly in the dashboard. The Geo-Tagger automatically pulls in location data from the GMB profile and add it to the EXIF data of the photo. The Keyword Optimizer allows her team to directly edit metadata with keywords that are relevant to her clients. Finally, the Global Time Scheduler lets her team schedule out months upon months of content in a fraction of the time it takes to manually post to a Google My Business profile.

With the Photo Publisher tool from dbaPlatform Star media went from GMB newbies to local SEO gurus automatically.

"Great Tool for Optimizing Photos"

Overall: The tool provided by DBA is amazing! It gives us the ability to enhance our photo meta data with targeted keywords and geo tag our office location. The team at DBA has done a great job of coaching us on how to get the most out of the tool and the cost is minimal. We use multiple products in the DBA platform but the Photo Optimizer is unlike anything we have seen in the market. Great job DBA!

Jason C.
Agent Branding Systems

More Benefits

dbaPlatform's Google My Business Photo Optimizer is not only a masterful time saver but also features several additional benefits such as:

Crop and Edit Photos:
Crop and Edit Photos:
Crop and edit your photos to fit within Google's guidelines for Google My Business.
Delete Photos in Bulk:
Delete Photos in Bulk:
Every photo uploaded through dbaPlatfrom can be removed from a Google My Business profile in a single click.
Organize Photos:
Organize Photos:
Select from every photo category in Google My Business to organize photos by interior, exterior, team, identity and more.
Complete Customization:
Complete Customization:
Have your own optimization process? No problem. Set the metadata fields to be edited.

Product Pricing

dbaPlatform offers an a la carte pricing model, so you only pay for what you use. Activate the photo tool and get unlimited photo uploads for as little as $1/month per location.

Want to try it out first? Start a monthly plan for only $2/month per location.

Upload Photos Now

Photo Publishing Tool
Photo Publishing Tool
Save Hundreds of Hours!
Update your locations with consistent, optimized photo content and watch profile views soar.
For each location, you get:
  • Unlimited Photo Uploads
  • Global Time Zone Scheduler
  • EXIF Editor
  • Automatic Geo-Tagging
  • Crop and Edit Images
Other competitors charge $40 per month and lock you into a package with features you don't need.
* annual contract

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Have questions? We've got answers.

What is EXIF Data?

Descriptive data (meta data) in an image file that includes the date the photo was taken, description of the photo, location of the photo, descriptive comment of the photo, and more.

How can I change the order of appearance for Google My Business Photos?

Changing the order of appearance for Google My Business Photos is not an exact science, but here's a one-minute video giving you some tips on best practice: 


Why are photos so important on Google My Business?

Google’s main goal is for the digital world to replicate the real world. Having high quality photos on a Google My Business profile that show the interior and exterior of your business or that showcase the personality of your employees are great ways to achieve this. Photos are also very effective in building trust with potential customers. Google recognizes this and rewards businesses who add great photos compared to businesses who do not.

Can dba help with my photo authenticity?

Absolutely, the beauty of our photo tool is that with the click of a button you can input the story of the image. This allows Google to read the footprint of your image.

What is the price for the dbaPlatform Photo Tool?

The dbaPlatform Photo Tool pricing is just $1 per location, per month if you sign up for one year of service, and $2 per location, per month if you’d like to remain on a month-to-month plan. You can learn more about dbaPlatform pricing here.

What are the best practices for the frequency of photo/post uploads?

Google encourages weekly posting as that is the timeframe that a normal post will expire. We follow a weekly schedule for that reason.

Are stock images fine or are actual pictures from clients necessary?

It is always better to use your own images rather than stock images. Google can recognize stock images because they have been used on many websites. This means that Google has already associated information with the photo which does not always support the information for your business.

How Important are 360° Views of local businesses in Google My Business for ranking?

There is no direct ranking benefit to adding a 360° view onto your Google listing. What it does do is potentially increase the engagement on the listing, which is a ranking factor. 360° views can make a difference for user trust however. If highlighting a new office or location is the difference in getting new customers, then it may be worth the investment.

Local SEO Professional Checklist
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Download the 2-page Optimizer Checklist jam-packed with more than 30 optimization tasks to ensure you're doing everything possible to beat the competition and improve your Google My Business listing. Our gift to you, this is the same list our Pro Services team uses to get fast results.


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