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If you currently toggle through multiple accounts to manage and monitor reviews, the dbaPlatform review tool will save you time and energy. Now you can review and respond from a single dashboard for all your locations.

Bonus: filter your reviews by keyword, date, rating, and more.


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Features and Benefits

All Reviews on One Screen
All Reviews on One Screen

Manage reviews for every location from a single dashboard. No more signing into each Google My Business profile to respond to reviews.

Manage Reviews Your Way
Manage Reviews Your Way

Spend less time searching for reviews that need responses. Filter your reviews by location, store code, rating, response, and date.

Get Alerts for New Reviews
Get Alerts for New Reviews

Receive immediate notification with a daily email summary when customers post new reviews or questions to your Google My Business listing and reply fast.

Get Better Reviews
Get Better Reviews

When searchers see that a business takes the time to respond to feedback, they are more inclined to leave a review of their own.

Meet Roger

Roger - Brand Manager

With over 10,000 locations in 10 different countries, trying to navigate through Google reviews was an unending headache for Roger and his team. His team had to devote hundreds of hours to review responses in separate profiles and yet there were still hundreds of reviews that went unheard. Given the importance that Google places on reviews in determining local search ranking, Roger knew they had to get their review management under control.

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dbaPlatform’s Review Tool conveniently brought all reviews for 10,000 locations into a single dashboard. The bevy of different filtering options allowed the team to manage reviews by date, location, rating, responded/unresponded, and they could even filter reviews by keyword. They could also export their reviews in .CSV format which allowed them to easily import reviews into their reporting platform and share testimonials with the creative department in a single swipe.

Now that the team could easily respond to and manage reviews, Roger has seen an increase in the local ranking of his locations as well as an increase in customer interaction and satisfaction.

Meet Linda

Linda - Marketing Agency

Star Media’s clients range from pizza shops to cabinet stores and when it comes to local SEO, their needs vary. Some clients prefer to respond to all reviews themselves, some only want to be notified of reviews that are 3 stars or less, and others prefer that Linda and her team handle review responses.

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Linda knows that Google values review rating AND response time. She needed a tool that could notify her team, as well as clients, about every review that came in. The dbaPlatform Review Tool allowed her team to setup review notification e-mails for every one of her client’s Google My Business listing.

With instant review notification, Star Media and its clients are able to more closely monitor the health of their brands and customer interaction.

“Easy To Use”

I use this to keep track of reviews about our studio. Google My Business review manager allows me to easily keep up with what people are saying about our company.

Jason C.
Agent Branding Systems

More Benefits

Online reputation is an integral part of a business's brand. Take complete control of review management with dbaPlatform.

Review Export:
Review Export:
Reviews can be exported as a .CSV allowing for accurate reports on review ratings.
Fight Spam:
Fight Spam:
With instant review notification, quickly manage reviews from malicious users and spam bots. Google My Business profile in a single click.
Monitor Brand Health:
Monitor Brand Health:
Easily identify locations that are getting bad reviews and develop strategies to correct them.
Review Links for Every Location:
Review Links for Every Location:
Use review links to direct customers directly to a Google My Business review page.

Product Pricing

Regularly responding to reviews shows Google and consumers that a business cares about feedback from customers, which will inspire more people to leave a review of their own. Take control of your brand's reputation for $1/month per location on the annual plan.

Want to test it out first? Subscribe to our monthly plan for $2/month per location and cancel at anytime.

Check Your Reviews Now

Google My Business Review Management
Google My Business Review Management
Manage Brand Reputation
Organize and respond to all reviews for your business from a single dashboard.
For each location, you get:
  • Every Review On A Single Screen
  • 6 Review Filters
  • Instant Review Notification
  • Review Export
  • 1-Click Review Link Generator
Other competitors charge $40 per month and lock you into a package with features you don't need.
* annual contract

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Have questions? We've got answers.

Can you generate reviews for my clients?

Yes, we absolutely help with this process. Every client has the ability to generate a review link that will take the customer directly to there Google My Business page to prompt a review.

Does responding to reviews help my business listing show up more in search?

Yes, responding to reviews has a massive impact on the discovery of your business listing in search results.

Can you respond to reviews from the portal?

Yes, you can respond to reviews. Under your client's dashboard, you go to the review tool and import the reviews for that location. Once they are imported, you can then respond to them. There will be a checkmark next to each review you respond to.

What is the price for the dbaPlatform Reviews Tool?

The dbaPlatform Reviews Tool pricing is just $1 per location, per month if you sign up for one year of service, and $2 per location, per month if you’d like to remain on a month-to-month plan. You can learn more about dbaPlatform pricing here.

What is the impact to respond to both positive & negative reviews?

Responding to all reviews is important because it shows engagement from the business owner that all customers are important. This helps build the trust with a potential customer reading the reviews and responses.

Do reviews in Google My Business with keywords help increase prominence in Google?

There is no evidence that using keywords in reviews leads to specific increase in ranking for those keywords. However, the more time a user spends and interacts with your listing (compared to competitors), the higher it will rank. In short, engagement is a ranking factor and if the reviews are lengthy and well written, people will interact with them more.

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