Service Stations

Drivers rely on maps applications whether they are planning a trip in advance or looking for a quick charge on the go. Make your service station the stop of choice with dbaPlatform.


Be found by drivers near your station

Both local drivers and drivers far from home are looking for service stations near them. Get your station to the top of results and promote in-station amenities such as product inventory, car washes, and charging stations.

Local listings

Manage listings for local businesses on third-party publishers like Google, Apple, Facebook, and more.


Popular Features

Profile management

Post scheduling

Review responses

Photo/video optimization


Product inventory

Drive traffic with free and paid local product placements on Google, Microsoft, and Simon Search.


Popular Features

Google product listings

Microsoft product listings

Google inventory ads

Microsoft inventory ads


NearMe Metrics

Access cross-platform local data from pre-built dashboards or data exports into current reporting tools. 


Popular Features

Cross-platform insights

Operational & results data

Data-based alerts 

Scheduled exports 


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