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Trying to manually schedule one post to multiple locations each week? You're going to love the dba post tool. Schedule and publish your weekly posts to multiple listings at once.

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Features and Benefits

Save Precious Staff Hours
Save Precious Staff Hours

Save time and stop abusing your copy+paste keys. Create and schedule content for an entire quarter in just a single afternoon.

Multi-Location Posting
Multi-Location Posting

When you go to schedule a post, select from the list of locations you want to receive your content. Easily post to thousands of locations across the globe with a single click.

Dynamic UTM Builder
Dynamic UTM Builder

Select from the full list of CTA buttons available in Google My Business and automatically generate location-specific UTM codes for Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

Built-In Photo Cropper
Built-In Photo Cropper

Quickly crop and preview photos before publishing to Google My Business.

Meet Roger

Roger - Brand Manager

It’s Roger’s job as the SEO director for a global real estate
brand to drive website visits, phone calls, and foot traffic to his
franchise locations. Roger was thrilled when Google announced
that business to consumer Posts were coming to Google My
Business. Posts would allow his brand to connect directly with
searchers via special offers, events, products and any message
his team could create.

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Soon his content team was spending the majority of their time manually signing into each individual franchise listing to upload a post. With over 10,000 locations globally, this was a tedious work for Roger and his team and he ultimately outsourced the task overseas. Roger retained the responsibility of ensuring consistency in messaging, time posted, and tracking of regional posts.

Thanks to the dba Multi-Location Post Scheduler, Roger’s team can now create a post template that can be scheduled to thousands of locations with a single click freeing themselves from manual posting and saving inordinate amounts of time and money through automation. The Global Time Zone Scheduler allows his team to ensure consistency across all ten countries in which they operate. With the Dynamic UTM Builder, his team can easily track click-through rates on every post across any region; it connects seamlessly with Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. Best of all, every post type and CTA button from Google My Business is available.

With the dbaPlatform Multi-Location Post tool, Roger posts on GMB like a boss.

Meet Linda

Linda - Marketing Agency

Linda knew that Star Media needed to offer Local SEO services
for her small business clientele but wondered how her scrappy
team of 11 could balance time between their traditional SEO
services and managing Google My Business Posts. In reality,
they often were late posting or missing locations on a weekly

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After discovering the GMB Post Scheduler from dbaPlatform, Linda realized her team could schedule content for Star Media’s clients in quarterly batches. Instead of having to spend a few hours everyday logging into each client's Google My Business profile, a team member spends one week per quarter scheduling out content for her ENTIRE client list. They can get ahead of the workload instead of playing catch up.

Now, Star Media helps clients capitalize on local buying intent by offering Local SEO packages that include weekly Google My Business Posts. With dbaPaltform, Linda and her staff are still able to provide the valuable Organic SEO services they always have as well as keep that personal touch of a smaller marketing agency.

"A perfect tool to schedule posts on Google My Business”"

It's great: easy, quick, full of features and the pricing is good. I like the multi post feature which allows to post the same news to a
lot of mybusiness pages. It's easy to select the type of post, the picture, the text, the dates, ... I save a lot of time with this feature.

Bastien R.
Co-founder SunnyReports

More Benefits

Take full advantage of the Google My Business platform by scheduling weekly content updates to all of your locations in a fraction of the time.

Increase Buying Actions:
Increase Buying Actions:
Create "Offer" posts to look like digital coupons that customers can redeem in-store or online.
Promote Special Events:
Promote Special Events:
Holding a seminar or charity fundraiser? Let the people know with an "Event" post.
Increase Local Rank:
Increase Local Rank:
Google rewards consistent updates to a Google My Business profile. Never miss a post again with the Post Scheduler.
Keep Consumers Updated:
Keep Consumers Updated:
Highlight new product releases and special services by promoting them directly on Google Maps.
Stay Organized:
Stay Organized:
Use tags and store codes to control content in different states, countries, regions, and more.
Manage Posts in Bulk:
Manage Posts in Bulk:
Re-post top perfroming posts and delete posts in bulk directly within the dashboard.
Location Placeholders:
Location Placeholders:
Use placeholders to quickly embed location-specific information into post templates.

Product Pricing

Break free from the monotony and chaos of manual posting on Google My Business. Activate an annual subscription for $1/month per location and never miss a post again.

Want to try it out first? Start a monthly plan for only $2/month per location and cancel at anytime.

Schedule Posts Now

Multi-Location Post Publisher
Multi-Location Post Publisher
Save Hundreds Of Hours!
Create, schedule, and publish compelling content to all locations from a single dashboard.
For each location, you get:
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Publish to Thousands of Locations
  • Post Scheduler
  • Image Crop and Preview
  • Location Placeholders
Other competitors charge $40 per month and lock you into a package with features you don't need.
* annual contract

Complete Suites

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across local SEO optimization services in our comprehensive
Competitive Comparison Chart!

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  • Google My Business Optimization Services
  • Local Rank Tracking Tools
  • Directory Citations
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  • Concierge Full-service Solutions

See how dbaPlatform stacks up. Get an integrated tools suite and start saving time and money!

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Have questions? We've got answers.

What type of Google Posts are best?

There's not a single answer to what type of Posts work best for Google My Business, but research shows taking a "less is more" approach will work in most cases. Here's a 1-minute video on why: 


How do I schedule Posts for Large Brands and Posts for Franchise Brands on Google My Business?

To schedule Google Posts for large brands and Posts for Franchise Brands in 2019 is now possible thanks to dbaPlatform. Here's a quick overview of how to schedule Posts using dbaPlatform: 


Can I schedule posts in the Google My Business dashboard?

Google does not allow administrators to schedule Posts into the future. dbaPlatform does, though! Not only that, but you can also schedule posts for multiple locations in one click.

How long are Google Posts visible for?

Posts in your Google My Business listing disappear after 7 days.

What call-to-actions are available in a post?

Buttons you can include in a post are Book, Order Online, Buy, Learn More, Sign Up, Get Offer, and Call Now.

What is the price for the dbaPlatform Post Tool?

The dbaPlatform Post Tool pricing is just $1 per location, per month if you sign up for one year of service, and $2 per location, per month if you’d like to remain on a month-to-month plan. You can learn more about dbaPlatform pricing here.

Can you schedule a post to more than 10 GMB profiles at once?

Yes our platform was designed for businesses with multiple locations and large brands. Our post, photo, and review tools allow you to manage content for multiple profiles from within a single dashboard.

Is posting to Google My Business through a platform like dbaPlatform viewed the same way by Google as posting directly inside Google My Business?

Yes, this counts as the same. Information added through the Google API is equivalent to user added data through the dashboard.

Does sharing posts with Facebook or Twitter increase Google My Business ranking?

There is no direct ranking benefit to sharing posts with Facebook. Where it can help is that if people are coming from Facebook and going to your GMB listing. This increases engagement (clicks, views, reading reviews, etc.) on your listing which is a ranking factor. Similar to Facebook, getting more people to go to your GMB listing will increase engagement. However, Twitter has a special relationship with Google where Twitter posts get indexed extremely quickly. Since all Tweets are public, you can also use Twitter to feed data to the Google algorithm.

Local SEO Professional Checklist
Updated for 2020

Download the 2-page Optimizer Checklist jam-packed with more than 30 optimization tasks to ensure you're doing everything possible to beat the competition and improve your Google My Business listing. Our gift to you, this is the same list our Pro Services team uses to get fast results.


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