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Leveraging Photo Metadata for Your Business

Learn how your business can improve SEO performance through complete and accurate photo metadata.


Photos are valuable assets that enhance your connection with prospects when advertising your business. Conventionally, we consider the actual image as the full extent of what an image brings to your advertising when your business uses this media. However, images also carry information that goes beyond just what your prospects see when an image is included in an advertisement.

This metadata is often collected at the same time a photo is taken and includes the location the photo was taken from and information about the camera used. Titles, comments, an author, and other descriptive elements can be appended to the photo after it is taken. We will go over how to do this manually and through dbaPlatform.  

Ensuring each photo you upload has correct information included in these fields can improve ad performance by giving Google more opportunities to link your ad to relevant content. Leveraging these places for data is an easy way to boost your presence and bring in valuable leads.

Geotagging Photos Manually

You can update metadata attached to photos by following a process specific to your operating system. Below, we will go through updating an individual photo’s metadata on the Windows operating system.

Given the above photo of a Domino’s Pizza storefront, the first step to altering its metadata is to access the photo Properties by selecting the file and pressing ‘Alt + Enter’ or pressing right-click and selecting Properties.

The General and Details tabs give information about the image and the camera used to take the photo. You will notice that only some available data slots are filled in. 

The following fields, commonly blank until filled in, can improve the search relevancy of your ads:

  • Description - Including titles, subjects, tags, comments, and authors, this section provides opportunities to include keywords that can be used to link your image’s post to relevant results in search.
  • GPS and Geotagging - This section allows you to include positional data of where the photo was taken. When serving ads, search engines will serve content that is consistent and reliable. Geotagging photos does this for your ads.

By taking advantage of these data slots, you can improve the frequency of your ads being served by attaching more reliable information to their Properties. Though this is a beneficial way to improve your marketing efforts, completing this process for a high volume of photos and multiple locations can take time and effort to repeat accurately. 

Geotagging with dbaPlatform

To address the challenge of updating a large number of photo assets across multiple locations, dbaPlatorm developed a series of tools that help businesses manage this information. Below, we show a look at all the metadata you can update on your photos and customization for multiple locations. 

Optimize Photo Metadata in Bulk

dbaPlatform offers the ability to update the metadata of multiple photos at a time. Shown above is a look at our platform menu, where any number of photos being managed can be selected and optimized for advertising together.

In our platform, modifying photo data is made to match the needs of your business. Allowing for basic changes to be made quickly or more detailed optimization to be done as needed.

For more information about how to navigate this process on our platform, follow the article below.


Geotag Photos Specific to Each Location

When managing your posts in dbaPlatform, our tools will also attach the appropriate location data to a photo for each location you are using the photo for. This means that even if you plan to use the same image for multiple locations, every instance of the image used in your ads will have the correct, corresponding location data.

For more information on how to perform this action in our platform, follow the link below to our support center.


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