Stay Ahead of Google Business Profile Suspensions

There is no perfect method to avoid Google Business Profile suspensions, but understanding the guidelines and actions to take if you face a suspension is critical to maintaining your listings.


Here are our few tips to help you stay ahead and prepare you on what to do if your account(s) face suspension. 

Understand Google's Guidelines 

Small violations can trigger suspensions. Additionally, Google's guidelines can be very detailed and picky. One example they provide regarding naming conventions is, "All business locations within the same country must have the same name for all locations. For example, all Home Depot locations should use the name "The Home Depot" rather than "Home Depot" or "The Home Depot at Springfield."

Please review the guidelines here, and make sure any changes align with Google's policy. 

Steps to Take if Accounts are Suspended

1) Check your email. Google will usually send you an email explaining why your profile is suspended. This will help you understand what you need to do to fix the problem.

2) Review the Google Business Profile guidelines. Make sure that your profile complies with all of Google's guidelines. You can find the guidelines here.

3) Fix the problems with your profile. Once you know what's wrong with your profile, you can start fixing the issues. Make sure to update your profile with accurate and up-to-date information.

4) Submit a reinstatement request. Once you've fixed the problems with your profile, you can submit a reinstatement request. You can do this by clicking the "Request reinstatement" button on the Google Business Profile suspension page.

Pro-tip: To avoid permanent account loss, we recommend you review the violations and ensure all required items are fixed and all the needed documents are included in your reinstatement request. Get it right the first time.

5) Be patient. It may take some time for Google to review your reinstatement request. Be patient and wait for a response.

Tips For a Successful Reinstatement Request

Be clear and concise in your reinstatement request. Explain what you did to fix the problems with your profile and why you believe your profile should be reinstated.

Provide any supporting documentation that you can. This could include screenshots of your profile, customer emails, or other evidence showing that you've fixed the problems.

Proof of business ownership: This could include a business license, tax ID number, or other documentation that shows that you are the owner or authorized representative of the business.

Proof of address: This could include a utility bill, lease agreement, or other documentation showing that your business is located at the address in your Google Business Profile.

Proof of operation: This could include screenshots of your website, social media pages, or other evidence showing your business is active and operating.

Proof of removal of prohibited content: If your profile was suspended for containing prohibited content, you must provide documentation showing that you have removed the content.


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