A New Reinstatement Process for Suspended Google Business Profiles

In the spirit of transparency and forcing businesses to address suspensions correctly, Google has rolled out a new reinstatement process for suspended Google Business Profiles. The process is rollout out in the EU, and a global rollout is to follow.


Google has recently updated its reinstatement process for Google Business Profile (GBP) listings that have been suspended for violating Google's guidelines.

The new process is designed to make it more difficult for businesses to game the system and get their listings reinstated without actually addressing the underlying issues that led to the suspension. It also aims to provide businesses with a fair and transparent appeals process.

Under the new process, businesses have one opportunity to appeal a suspension through Google's support channels. Businesses can appeal the decision through a third-party mediation service if the appeal is rejected.

Google will provide businesses with a reason for the suspension when it occurs. Businesses should review this reason carefully and take steps to address the issue. Once the problem has been addressed, businesses can submit a reinstatement request through Google's support channels.

Google will review the reinstatement request and may request additional information from the business. The review process typically takes 25-30 business days. Businesses can appeal the decision through a third-party mediation service if the reinstatement request is rejected.

The third-party mediation service will review the case and make a recommendation to Google. Google will then make a final decision on whether to reinstate the listing.

It is important to note that the new reinstatement process is still in its early stages, and Google may make changes to it in the future. Businesses should check Google's support website for the latest information on the process.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind about the new reinstatement process:

  • Businesses should be prepared to provide documentation to support their appeal. This documentation may include proof of address, business licenses, or other relevant information.
  • Businesses should be patient during the review process. The review process can take several weeks.
  • Businesses should not create a new GBP listing while their original listing is suspended. Doing so could result in both listings being suspended.

Here are some tips for avoiding a Google Business Profile suspension:

  • Make sure your listing is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Don't use spammy or misleading content.
  • Don't create multiple duplicate listings for the same business.
  • Don't solicit reviews or ask for votes.
  • Don't engage in fraudulent or deceptive activity.

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