Hardware Search Trends

Discover the latest hardware search trends and how they affect retailers. Learn about popular hardware products, seasonality, and regional hotspots. Plus, find out how to optimize your local listings and ads to attract customers.


Understanding how customers are searching for hardware 

Want to skyrocket your hardware business in the digital world? This blog unlocks the secrets of current search trends, seasonal spikes, and high-demand regions. Learn how to optimize your profiles on Google, Apple, and Bing and target local ads to crush the competition.

Hardware search trends

Hardware search terms and keywords:

The hardware industry is dynamic, with constantly evolving trends and technologies. Below are some of the most recent top trends in the hardware and tools sector:

  • Power Tools: As DIY projects and home improvements have gained popularity, there has been a significant increase in searches for power tools such as drills, saws, and sanders.
  • Smart Home Devices: With the rise of home automation, searches for smart home devices like smart locks, thermostats, and security cameras have increased. Searches for “ring camera” have experienced major growth.
  • Outdoor Equipment: As more people have turned to outdoor activities, there has been a surge in searches for outdoor equipment like lawnmowers, garden tools, and camping gear.
  • Home Renovation Supplies: Home renovation projects have become a popular trend, leading to higher search volumes for materials like tiles, paint, and flooring. This also includes furniture, as search terms like “furniture flipping” have skyrocketed.
  • Sustainable Building Materials: With increasing environmental awareness, searches for sustainable building materials such as recycled wood, eco-friendly insulation, and energy-efficient windows have steadily increased.

Hardware search volume and seasonality:

Search trends for hardware products also exhibit seasonality. For instance, searches for "lawn mower near me" peak in the spring and summer when people actively engage in outdoor landscaping and gardening projects.

Search Term Graph (12)

Lawnmower near me search volume has been consistent but is seasonal.

Hardware search regionality:

Certain regions in the United States stand out as hotspots for hardware and tool searches due to various factors, including population density and home improvement culture. Cities like Los Angeles, Houston, and Chicago consistently show a high volume of searches related to hardware and tools.

Next steps 

Taking action on hardware search terms: local listings

Retailers for hardware that have brick-and-mortar storefronts can take advantage of these trends by using them to optimize their local listings. 

  • Google Business Profiles: GBPs are a great place to incorporate the terms customers seek. GBP attributes like owner descriptions, posts, reviews, Q&As, service descriptions, and more should be optimized with key terms.
  • Apple Business Connect:  Apple Business Connect is the new player in town, but it brings a high income audience. Attract upscale customers with Apple Business Connect. Better control how your business shows up on Apple Maps and CarPlay.
  • Bing Places: While Bing Places isn't as well known as Google Business Profiles, it is still critical that hardware retailers account for them.

Taking action on hardware terms: local ads

Now that we know what shoppers are searching for, here are some options to take advantage of.

  • Google Performance Max: Google's new multichannel ad campaigns can be optimized with the terms and seasonality reelected in this analysis. Reach customers across Google Search, YouTube, Gmail and more.
  • Google Local Inventory Ads: Google LIAs are mandatory for hardware retailers.
  • Microsoft Local Inventory Ads: Microsoft LIAs are often overlooked but provide the same LIA experience as Google, just to a different audience.

dbaPlatform has been helping hardware retailers win with local searches for six years. Please reach out below to see how we can help.


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