Home Restoration Google Search Trends

Gain insights into the latest search trends in home restoration services. Discover the rising demand for water and fire damage restoration, financing options, and online booking services. Optimize your local listings and ads to stay ahead of the competition.


Understanding how customers are searching for home restoration services 

Get ready to conquer your local market! This guide unveils the key home restoration search trends, pinpoints lucrative regions, and highlights seasonal search trends. Using this knowledge, be empowered to optimize your profiles and local ads for maximum lead generation and business growth on Google, Bing and Apple.

Home restoration search trends

Home restoration search terms

While some home restoration search terms remain constant, recent trends have been influenced by changing homeowner needs and priorities.

  • Water damage restoration: With the increasing frequency of extreme weather events, searches related to water damage restoration have surged. For example, the search term "Water damage repair" has experienced colossal growth starting in 2022.
  • Fire damage restoration: Searches for fire damage restoration have seen an uptick, reflecting homeowners' need to recover from fire-related disasters.
  • Financing options: Homeowners are exploring financial options for more extensive restoration projects. Keywords such as "restoration loans" and "home repair cost" are gaining traction.
  • Online booking and consultation services: Convenience and transparency are essential for homeowners. Searches for online booking and consultation services in home restoration are rising.
  • Historic home restoration: The demand for preserving and restoring historic homes has grown steadily. Homeowners are increasingly interested in retaining the character and charm of older properties.

Home restoration search volume and seasonality

While home restoration search terms on Google don't follow a specific seasonal pattern, the search volume of home restoration spikes when a natural disaster occurs. According to Google, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires are the top three natural disasters.

Home restoration search regionality

States like Florida, Texas, New York, and California top the charts in volume for the search term "home restoration near me." A simple explanation for this would be that these states also experience a variety of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and wildfires, which can cause a lot of damage to homes and result in a higher demand for restoration services.

Next steps 

Taking action on home restoration search terms: local listings

Providers of restoration services can take advantage of these trends by using them to optimize their local listings. 

  • Google Business Profiles: GBPs are a great place to incorporate the terms homeowners seek. GBP attributes like owner descriptions, posts, reviews, Q&As, service descriptions, and more should be optimized with key terms.
  • Apple Business Connect:  Apple Business Connect is the new player in town, but it brings a high-income audience. Attract upscale homeowners with Apple Business Connect.
  • Bing Places: While Bing Places is less well known than Google Business Profiles, it is still critical that home restoration service providers account for them.

Taking action on home restoration search terms: local ads

  • Google Performance Max: Google's new multichannel ad campaigns can be optimized with the terms and seasonality reelected in this analysis. Reach homeowners across Google Search, YouTube, Gmail and more.
  • Google Local Service Ads: Google LSAs are mandatory for home restoration service providers.
  • Microsoft Local Service Ads: Microsoft LSAs are often overlooked but provide the same LSA experience as Google, just to a different audience.

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