When I Google Myself I Don’t Show Up


How many times have you heard this question?

“Why is it that when I Google myself, I never show up?”

The managers of the locations you optimize judge their local SEO reports in broad strokes. But local SEO is surprisingly fine-tuned.

Searching the same keyword phrase in Google from different locations will turn up varied results. In fact, depending on the number of competitors in the area, the local component of the Google algorithm will change results within a few hundred yards.

Searching for your business listing from your actual business location or searching from your home which is a few miles away will yield different results.

Trying to explain all the variables to a business manager results in confusion. Now you can visually portray an accurate representation of a location’s local SEO results:

Local Falcon 9x9 scan image

Shedding some light on actual search rankings helps you and the people you serve to understand and track the results of your local SEO efforts. After all, you can’t manage what you can’t measure, right?

Now that you can see the ultimate reach of your SEO strategy, you can work to increase the 3-pack the radius of your location. And as you achieve results, you’ll see improvements come to life in the full-color map. 

With an accurate representation of local search results, you’ll finally be able to illustrate  answers to all questions that begin, “How come when I google myself . . .”

Dial-in your ranking results with Local Falcon. Create an account to day and receive a free 3×3 scan.

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