Google Makes Identifying Disabled-Owned Businesses Easier

Google introduced updates aimed at improving accessibility across their platforms. See what this means for users and your business.


Google just announced several feature accessibility updates throughout their ecosystem aimed at streamlining various daily tasks. While most of these tasks are relevant for individuals, an update that allows users to more easily search for disabled-owned businesses gives more businesses a chance to celebrate their diversity.LeGrand Coffee House business profile on Google Maps displaying the new disabled-owned attribute.

This feature allows businesses to choose a new identity attribute, disabled-owned, that will appear as a badge on their Google Business Profile. This update also allows users to search specifically for disabled-owned businesses in Google Search and Google Maps, listing business that have selected this attribute on their profiles.

How do I add this for my business?

Image of identity attribute menu on Google Business Profile with Disabled-Owned emphasized

Your business can take advantage of this and other identity attributes by going to your business's Google Business Profile, through Google Search, selecting Edit Profile>More>From The Business. Here you can select any of the identity attributes listed, allowing users to see your business when searching within these categories.

Other Updates

Along with this identity attribute change, Google also added several other accessibility features including:

  • improvements to finding accessible walking routes in Maps,
  • increased customizability in Assistant Routines,
  • the addition of the Magnifier feature to the Google Pixel,

and other useful updates. To dig into the details of this new attribute as well as the other updates with it, check out their article at Google's technology news blog, The Keyword.

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