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How to Optimize Images for Better Google My Business (GMB) Results

How to check if your page is indexed

It’s an SEO fact that photos create more engagement, reach, and click-throughs for your GMB listing. However, not all pictures are created equal. When consumers are looking through your business profile on Google, are your photos enhancing your business or maybe scaring potential customers away?

Note: To get access to upload photos on your business profile in Google through GMB, ensure that your business listings are verified. Once verified, Google will give you access to upload photos, user-generated content, and videos.

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Competitive Comparison Chart for Citations and Local SEO Tool

Have you heard of Yext, Moz, BrightLocal, or Whitespark? Undoubtedly, you’ve seen their services for citations or SEO. They are well-known brands in the online optimization landscape. But who has the best, most complete offering for your needs? Depending on your size and the scope of your project, it depends.
When you’ve painstakingly built the most sophisticated and elegant SaaS solutions, you know exactly how it compares to your competition’s offerings in price, form, and function. But we embarked on a months’-long research project to illustrate who is doing what, so you can assess your best options at a glance.


Properly Optimizing Google Business Profile Categories

Properly Optimizing Google My Business (GMB) Categories
To rank higher on Google Maps, business profiles need to have accurate and updated information in all the fields of the GMB dashboard. One of the most important of those fields in the “category” section.

Find an overview of all the main GMB rankings factors here.

Here’s a deep dive into the GMB category section and numerous examples (because it’s not always as straightforward as it would seem.)

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Google My Business Profile Posts Not Working – Here is Why

If your Google My Business Posts are getting rejected and not publishing, it may be due to an internal problem at Google, however here are a few tips to try to get your Posts published.

If everything is working normally at Google, a Post may be rejected when a guideline is broken. This usually involves using a forbidden word in the text of the Post, or an image that did not meet Google My Business Post guideline requirements.

These Posts guidelines are in addition to the normal Prohibited Content guidelines specific by Google.

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How To Fix Errors On Local Authority Reports

Local Authority scores range from 1 to 100 where 100 is the highest prediction of search engine ranking results. Once you obtain the Local Authority score for your locations, your next question will be, “How do I improve it?” The answer is simple once you know how the score is derived. The ranking is an aggregate of scores in 5 dimensions. Here is a summary:

Brand Health: Scores how often you provided relevant photos and posts over the last 90 days. (Calculated as the number of photos and posts created over the last 90 days on average.)

Influence Health: Measures reach of your profile posts. (Calculated as photo + posts views divided by total impressions.)

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Google My Business Post Scheduler Free During COVID-19

Now more than ever businesses need to communicate the continuity of business to their customers. As more and more businesses are impacted due to the spread of COVID-19, the team a dbaPlatform wants to help digital marketers, large brands, and small business owners stay connected with their customers.

Therefore we are announcing that the Post Scheduler is free during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many businesses are updating their websites and reaching out to customers via email to inform them of business changes. However, Google My Business posts are the BEST way to announce changes to:


How to Get Your Site or New Page Indexed by Google

Everyone knows that If you have a new site or new pages on your site, the best way to get them indexed by Google (in order to be delivered as search results in the future) is to simply submit for indexing through Google Search Console.

Note: If your site has many pages and Google is not indexing them all, either the pages are low quality or Google is not finding all the pages. Improving the quality of the pages or creating more links between your deeper pages will be necessary.

NEW: Requests in Search Console used to get your page crawled within a few minutes, but this is not automatically the case any longer. Now, Google checks the history of your site to determine the best crawl frequency and treats your submission more like a suggestion than a command. Sometimes it can take a few days before Google indexes your page, even though there is nothing wrong with the page.

Still, there are more nuanced issues that may be preventing your page from getting indexed.


Expanding the Google My Business Knowledge Panel With Great Content

For many businesses, the Google My Business profile has become the single most important webpage in terms of attracting new customers. For many searchers, there is almost no reason to visit a company’s website anymore since all the information they’re looking for is neatly summarized in the Google My Business knowledge panel.

Here is some of the information that can be found in the knowledge panel:

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Using Google Business Profile Features As A Newsfeed

This is being written with the COVID-19 emergency in mind as it has hit many small businesses with immediate operational changes and at the very least, deserved concern. The main point is that you want to get the message across in as many ways as possible to your customers and potential customers. Using the Google My Business Profile, which is more prominent than the location website, can help that message be seen more easily. It’s likely that your locations need to update the public about closures, hour changes, product availability, purchasing maximums, or other business continuity measures.