Google Performance Max: AI Image & Text Features

Discover how Google's Performance Max-AI image and text features empower marketers to easily create and optimize assets for successful campaigns. Explore the benefits and control offered by generative AI tools for imagery and text.


AI Image features are only available for U.S. advertisers, and the rollout is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. These AI features from Google will enable marketers to generate text and image assets easily. 

Google's Performance Max contains AI functionality from audience and budget optimization to text and image creation. This article will focus on the AI image and text features. 

Google wants Performance Max to be successful, and they hope that with the advancement of AI tools for text and images, their users will be able to drive greater campaign performance. 


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New Asset Creation 

Are you worried about what Google AI will come up with when creating images and text for your campaign? Rest assured that the user will remain in control and have the power to decide which assets to add to campaigns and the ability to edit the AI-generated content. 


Imagery is critical to any PMax campaign, but getting the right assets can be difficult. The generative AI tools can suggest imagery and help you create new image assets easily. 

A few things to note about the AI-powered photo tools and editor: 

  • You will have the ability to edit AI-generated images. 
  • Google AI will not create two identical images. 
  • Enhance current imagery with background generators.
  • Retailers with products can use Product Studio in Merchant Center to edit product images using AI tools. 
  • All AI-generated images will include an invisible watermark using SynthID. 

We've linked this Google support document that reviews how to use generative image tools, content restrictions, eligibility, safety, and more. 


Google's generative AI for text helps users create new variations for text assets, including headlines and descriptions. Google boasts that its generative text AI is powered by the latest advances in large language models (LLMs) that understand what makes ads perform well. 

A few things to note about AI generative text: 

  • Automatically generated headlines and descriptions will populate and be suggested based on your website and products/services. 
  • You can always generate additional headlines and descriptions by using your own prompts and then have AI suggest content. 
  • You will have the power to select the ones you like and save them to your campaign. 

We recommend looking at this AI Essentials documentation provided by Google to ensure you get the most out of PMax and the AI tools within. 

GOO23U_Narrative_Toolkit_PMax_SOSA_highresImage Source: Google


Transparency and Safety 

All features within PMax are following the AI principles and practices that Google has put in place. 

Google claims to have guardrails in place to prevent inappropriate content and not engage with sensitive prompts. All generated assets are subject to Google Ads policies, and the marketer will always have the ability to review assets before running them in a campaign. 

Fully Managed Ads

The transition and preference to Performance Max and generative AI is inevitable. Our team specializes in Performance Max and Shopping campaigns. If you feel uneasy about successfully running campaigns or implementing AI tools, give us a shout - we've got you covered.  

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