Microsoft Launches Performance Max Beta

Microsoft's Performance Max beta program is open worldwide as of July 26, 2023.


Microsoft's Performance Max beta program is open worldwide as of July 26, 2023.

"Microsoft Advertising is committed to helping our clients leverage artificial intelligence (AI) in market-leading ways that save you time and build your business more effectively. As consumer journeys become even more dynamic and personalized, marketers will require more sophistication in our platform. This is why we're introducing Performance Max, a new campaign type that perfects your creative and targeting combinations through automation."

MSFT's PMAX is a part of their larger initiative to make automation work for their customers

Like Google's Performance Max Ads, Microsoft uses dynamic rich ads and AI to distribute and find customers in their shopping journey. Google and Microsoft have distinct audiences and distinct access to their networks. We strongly recommend that businesses and agencies run complimentary PMAX campaigns on Microsoft and Google. 

Key benefits of PMAX

  1. Dynamic Rich Ads Everywhere: PMAX lets Microsoft serve engaging ads on various platforms like Bing, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Edge, Outlook, and more.
  2. Target Your Best Audience: AI technology helps your campaign show the perfect ad to the right person, increasing effectiveness.
  3. Streamlined Workflows: Automation saves you time, and you get detailed reports on your campaign's Performance and assets.
Need more information if Microsoft PMAX is right for your business, or are you ready to get started? Get in touch with our team; we are here to help. 


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